R.I.P. Charlie Wilson

10 02 2010

We lost a badass motherfucker today. Charlie “I’m so badass that Tom Hanks played me in a movie about my life” Wilson passed away at the age of 76. After receiving the second highest number of demerits in United States Naval Academy history, he went on to to orchestrate the largest covert operations ever running on nothing but whiskey, cocaine, and strippers. So tonight, grab a delicious glass of favorite scotch and dedicate it to the memory Mr. Charlie Wilson.
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One response

11 02 2010

CHARLIE WILSON THE REAL UNSUNG AMERICAN HERO. While the CIA was fumbling the ball. The FBI was fighting the drug cartels. Reagan was focused on the Sandinista. The Soviets slipped into Afganistan and were close to taking over a country from which they could control the oil supply fromthe middle east. The World was dangerously close to a Nuclean War and the Soviets actually thought they could survive it. All they needed was a steady supply of oil to keep the ships, planes and tanks rolling. Yes thats right, they were very close to securing that one last ingredient. CHARLIE WILSON saw this strategic move and he saw it for the very real threat that it was to America. You just have to be a REALIST and a straight shooten clear minded person who doesnt trust “the system” to tell you what to think. PLEASE SEE MY BLOG AT COOLGREENATION. God Bless America and all of you who recognize this very honest and unpretentious mans contribution to saving this great country. May you who read these blogs do your damn best to keep this story alive. Tell your grandchildren and get the movie and the documentary on the History Channel. Do your best to never let America be jeapordized like we were in the 80s. I for one am glad that we have the movie Charlie Wilsons War because it is much better then Red Dawn.

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