Lollapalooza Headlining Rumors: Lady Gaga, SoundGarden, GreenDay

17 02 2010

The Lollapalooza Rumor Mill has already begun churning, and some potential headliners have been named…

Lady Gaga, GreenDay, and the recently reunited Soundgarden are all “supposedly” headlining this years festival that will be held in Chicago’s Grant Park in August.

Other rumored acts include: Arcade Fire, The Strokes, The XX, and Dirty Projectors.

(via TheDailySwarm)
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3 responses

17 02 2010

i thought the rumor mill promised tripping daisy and PUSA and everclear and shit idk whats one more… lets go with… the refreshments or something

17 02 2010

ricky my sick link keeps falling in page realestate by the fuckign second mate!! Is this what i fucking deserve??

17 02 2010

picture the blog as a hamburger sire, you are technically in the meat of the sandwich, congrats.

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