Yet Another Epic Beard Man Interview (possible rematch?)

22 02 2010

Someone else (with a better camera this time) has tracked down “Vietnom Tom” (epic beard man) and shot another interview with him; Check it out:

I’m calling it right now; the WWE or UFC or SOMEONE is gonna pick this shit up and they are gonna televise the Epic Beard Man Re-Match…i can see this shit going down at summerslam or wrestlemania in my head already.

If you will it, there is no dream.

Update!!! Hear the OTHER side of the story: CLICK HERE FOR AUDIO!

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Interview with Epic Beard Man (I AM A MOTHERFUCKER)

19 02 2010

Check out this interview with the internet legend: Epic Beard Man.

hahaha this dude totally comes off as a washed up WWF wrestler; obviously he’s a bit crazy, but still….badass.
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This 67 year old man told the dude not to mess with him, but alas, he didn’t listen

16 02 2010

Note to Self: Never pick fights with a burly 67 year old Santa Claus lookalike that is wearing a shirt that says “I AM A MOTHERFUCKER” on it. (fight starts about 1:30 in, but the buildup is just as good)

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