Guy Finds Jesus in His Frying Pan After Cooking Bacon.

12 03 2010

OK, now before i post any of this article or any pics, i just want to go on record as saying this guy is completely full of shit. First off, as many of you know, i am completely against the idea of religion, so this guy comes off as a mental case to me, and probably spent all night fucking around with the pan to make it look like this, i mean look at the edges where he made the thorns, come on.

Secondly, why the fuck would a 2000 year old jew be channeled back to earth by some bacon?! i mean, i fucking love bacon, but it isn’t the first thing i would expect a jew to channel himself through….anyways, here are some quotes from the article and some pics:

From the always retarded

When Toby Elles fell asleep while cooking a late-night snack, it really was a case of divine intervention that saved his bacon.

The 22-year-old was ‘miraculously’ woken after an hour as his lounge filled with smoke – and quickly had the revelation that he had left a frying pan on a hob.

While saying his prayers, the bank worker scraped the remains of crispy bacon rashers from the pan, but could not believe the vision that appeared before him – Jesus Christ staring back at him.

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