Follow Friday Blogroll! Check these out!

26 02 2010

So as there is “follow friday” on twitter, I am going to do a little suggesting of my own….these are some links i’ve picked from the past week of these blogs that are totally sweet and that you should check out. Let me know if you like this and ill start doing it every friday or twice a week or something. DEVO Sits Down With LP33 (i edited this interview :D watch it): (CLICK HERE)

HipposInTanks: sister crayon – (in) reverse

Dlisted: Canada’s Women’s Hockey Team Knows How To Party: (CLICK HERE)

LifeMovesPrettyFast: Evan Smith is Blogworthy: (CLICK HERE)

MadfishesTheBlog: Bye Bye Love Trailer Remix’d to be Dark: (CLICK HERE)

SarahDope: ChatRoulette (to catch a predator): (CLICK HERE)

So yeah, check these guys out….good stuff.

AWESOME!!! The Blog that Spawned ‘Die Antwoord’ Posted my Cereal Box on their Site!

17 02 2010

Wow, I’m so god damn stoked right now that watkykjy posted my cereal box!! watkykjy is basically the blog the created what die antwoord is today, and they are the place that drops all the new zef shit first so bring your translator and check out their blog here:

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