School Bus Driver Gets DUI While Driving a Full Busload of Kids

10 03 2010

WTF! As if just getting a DUI wasn’t bad enough, she blew a .226, thats nearly 3 times the legal limit!! What a fucking cunt. Here’s some more from the report at

About 50 children from Lion’s Park Elementary School in Mount Prospect were aboard the bus, Mount Prospect police said.

Betty Burden, 54, was arrested around 3:45 p.m. She was charged with aggravated DUI of alcohol, authorities said. She appeared in court Wednesday morning in Rolling Meadows and Judge Kay Hanlon gave her a $10,000 bond.

Burden, who first started working for District 57 in 1991, registered a .230 blood-alcohol concentration level at the scene after police stopped the bus, prosecutors said.

One of Burden’s co-workers smelled alcohol Tuesday afternoon on Burden’s breath and told the district’s director of transportation, prosecutors said. The director noticed Burden appeared sleepy around 2:30 p.m. and followed the bus, police added. He then called police who stopped bus No. 11 and smelled alcohol on Burden’s breath while noticing she had bloodshot, watery eyes, authorities said.

OK, seriously?! One of her co-workers smelled alcohol on her breat and the director of transportation didn’t stop her from picking up a bus load of kids??? Instead they just followed the bus to see if she could drive it ok? What the fucking fuck. FUCK!

Boy’s Foot Gets Caught Escalator..Apparently Hasn’t Seen Mallrats

26 02 2010


About a third of the way down, Anthony’s sneaker caught between the stair and the side, and literally ripped apart; the steel stair then cutting into his foot.

A doctor saw it happen, hit “emergency stop”, and rushed to help, or it could have been even worse.

“He has catastrophic injuries to his foot,” Dolan said. “It’s very likely there could be amputation of certain parts of his foot. He’s a little hockey player and he’s dealing with the fact that he may never play hockey again.”

Poor kid, seriously, I feel bad for the kid….if only he or his parents had taken the time to watch Mallrats this all could’ve been prevented:

Lollapalooza Headlining Rumors: Lady Gaga, SoundGarden, GreenDay

17 02 2010

The Lollapalooza Rumor Mill has already begun churning, and some potential headliners have been named…

Lady Gaga, GreenDay, and the recently reunited Soundgarden are all “supposedly” headlining this years festival that will be held in Chicago’s Grant Park in August.

Other rumored acts include: Arcade Fire, The Strokes, The XX, and Dirty Projectors.

(via TheDailySwarm)
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