Optometrist Flips Out on News Crew (this guy is insane)

11 03 2010

This guy acts like a goddamn 12 year old when reporters show up to question him about ripping off his customers.. “STOP LOOKING AT MY STORE” *throws snowball*……hahahah fuck dude, sort your fucking life out.

I can’t believe they had to call in the fucking SWAT team for this nut job; Props to the older guy reporter for keeping his cool.
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Archaeologists uncover 140-Year-Old Hot Dog in Coney Island

25 02 2010

See, this is the type of shit i figured that people would be doing thousands of years in the future. We see news reports all the time where they have uncovered something crazy in egypt, but there is only so much to find before we start looking at our own ancient trash as if belongs in a museum.

First off, what the hell are archaeologists doing fucking around in the basement of a hot dog factory in NYC, i would assume there would be better locations to uncover items of cultural significance….but i guess as far as Coney Island is concerned, this is pretty significant.

The best part of the video for me is the “man on the street” interviews…a whole lot of “Oh damn, they found a hot dog that old? shiiiiiiit”