Real-Life Portal Gun

13 03 2010

straight from aperture science labs:

pretty good, but still, i think they could have done more with the video…i mean, with a portal gun the possibilities are endless.

also, the cake is a lie etc. etc. etc.

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Jim Jefferies Destroys Christianity in Under 10 Min.

8 03 2010

fucking hilarious, the whole thing…..especially at the end: “PANDAS ARE FUCKING CUNTS!”

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All the Best Scenes from Riki Oh (Warning: Ridiculously Violent)

1 03 2010

If you haven’t seen this movie you are seriously missing out….to tempt you with it, here are some of the most insane scenes:

know of any movies that are this violent and ridiculous??? post them in the comments because i want to watch! [tweetmeme service=””]

Kevin Smith Kicked Off Southwest Airlines Flight For Being Too Fat!

14 02 2010

Hey Kevin, I’m really sorry you were too big for southwest airlines….you should have tried to cut some kind of deal since your bags fly free. You know what? Fuck it! I’m just so stoked for the new Kevin Smith movie that is being released “Cop Out” that it doesn’t even matter dude…so you can’t travel because you are too fat…you just created what could be the pinnacle of mixed race buddy cop comedies…bravo. P.S. business class has bigger seats and on southwest its really not that much more expensive….i’m sure you can spare some of your chasing amy money on it.

Cop Out Trailer:


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