Wall of DEATH!

12 03 2010

This shit is really scary; no safety regulations, open faced helmets, driving motorcycles and cars on some rickety wooden walls….seriously WTF, i wonder if anyone has died from performing this…crazy.

all this for only 10 rupees? not a bad deal.

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Optometrist Flips Out on News Crew (this guy is insane)

11 03 2010

This guy acts like a goddamn 12 year old when reporters show up to question him about ripping off his customers.. “STOP LOOKING AT MY STORE” *throws snowball*……hahahah fuck dude, sort your fucking life out.

I can’t believe they had to call in the fucking SWAT team for this nut job; Props to the older guy reporter for keeping his cool.
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Gary Busey Red Carpet Interview is Insane & Hilarious

10 03 2010

His Projects are confidential and very lovely.

When you see them you’ll be very surprised.

texting > sexting > phone sex > sex

19 02 2010

It’s crazy whats going on in Utah, just try and calm down as she tells this story:

(click picture to hear the song)
A 13 year old boy and two of his teachers started off texting, then sexting, then phone sex, then…..sex. It’s Crazy!!
(via MadfishesTheBlog)
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