Friday Morning Blog Roll!! Check these guys out!

5 03 2010

Started this last week and I want to try and keep it going. CrashCourse: twitter has #followfriday, where you tell your friends about other twitter users and get them to follow. This is the same concept, im gonna give you some good shit that my friends have posted from the past week, and you should check it out, cause why not?

Without further adieu:

:           Coma (Got Any Cheese?)

:          TMI Show: Episode 6 (SXSW Watch)

:         The Next Time You Have Sex In The Middle Of A Busy Road…

:         Tim Burton’s Secret Formula

:        Just go here, they post a ton of free awesome music everyday

Hell Yeaaaaah!!! It’s Friday Night!

12 02 2010

It’s goddamn friday night, it’s a motherfuckin’ three day weekend, and i just got my tax return back. Hell but Fuck Yeah!! Hope everyone has an awesome weekend, ill try and do some posts this weekend…thanks for an awesome 2 days, todays view count is creeping up on yesterdays…bookmark this page and check back frequently!

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