Real-Life Portal Gun

13 03 2010

straight from aperture science labs:

pretty good, but still, i think they could have done more with the video…i mean, with a portal gun the possibilities are endless.

also, the cake is a lie etc. etc. etc.

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New Maps Coming to Modern Warfare 2 March 30th! FINALLY!

9 03 2010

I suffer from mapathy, you suffer from mapathy, we all suffer from mapathy, and now Infinity Ward is finally doing something about it!! New maps are coming to Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox Live March 30th, leading thousands of gamers back to the controllers that they had all but forgotten about since going triple prestige months ago.

Pretty stoked on this as I haven’t really played in awhile aside from the random pick up game with friends….this should get me right back into my gaming rut where I accomplish nothing in my normal life but find comfort in screaming BOOM! HEADSHOT!

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Halo Reach Multiplayer Trailer is BADASS!

3 03 2010

oooooohhhhh, woke up to this little jem today…The multiplayer trailer for the new Halo game “Halo Reach” has been released online and it is bringing a damn tear to my eye.

jet packs and assassinations? bring it on!