Actor Peter Graves Found Dead

14 03 2010


Actor Peter Graves was found dead Sunday at his home in Pacific Palisades, according to law enforcement sources. Graves, who stared in “Mission: Impossible,” “Airplane!” and Billy Wilder’s “Stalag 17”–apparently died of natural causes, the sources said.

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Thieves Cut Hole in Roof and Rappel Down to Steal 20 Apple Laptops from a Best Buy, Never Touching the Floor or Setting Off Any Motion Detectors

4 03 2010

Some pretty crafty thieves in South Brunswick NJ got away with $26,000 worth of Apple Laptops by climbing up a pipe on the side of a Best Buy, cutting a hole in the roof, and rappelling down “mission impossible” style. They never set off any alarms and the store only noticed the next morning when employees showed up.

Here is a visual depiction of what this may have looked like:

From the article:

They didn’t appear on store security cameras. They cut a hole in the roof and came in at a spot where the cameras were obscured by advertising banners.

And they left with some $26,000 in laptop computers, departing the same way they came in — down a 3-inch gas pipe that runs from the roof to the ground outside the store.

“High level of sophistication,” said Detective James Ryan, a police department spokesman. “They never set off any motion sensors. They never touched the floor. They rappelled in and rappelled out.”

“I would say they were a professional crew,” said Harris, who is based in Atlanta, Ga., but does work throughout the nation. “At least I’ve never dealt with anything like this. From time to time, people break in, but not usually through the roof.”

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