Robert Rodriguez’s Predators Trailer/Featurette

14 03 2010

This movie actually looks like it will be awesome…between Predators and A-Team, its looking like a good summer for remakes.

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New Tron Legacy Trailer has Arrived!

9 03 2010

Check it out, this is another movie i am super fucking pumped on: Tron Legacy. It’s going to fucking blow people away and im sure by now that all of you know that Daft Punk is doing the soundtrack, so it seems like they have all their bases covered.

Check out the brand new trailer for Tron Legacy right here:


Brand New ‘Iron Man 2’ Trailer

8 03 2010

A brand new trailer for the upcoming movie ‘Iron Man 2’ has just been released, and it looks awesome.

Seriously can’t wait for this to come out, Iron Man was one of the only comic book based movies that i actually enjoyed the entire way through, and the sequel looks like it might even top the first.

New ‘Kick-Ass’ Red-Band Trailer

21 02 2010

Check out the new Red Band trailer for the movie “Kick-Ass” thats coming out, looks sick….i’ve been excited to see this movie since the first red band trailer, where the girl is just fucking shit up for a minute straight…ill post that below too actually.

New Red-Band Trailer:

Hit Girl Trailer (even more brutal and has a Mariachi El Bronx Song in it):

I feel like the ONLY way they are gonna sell this movie is by doing these restricted trailers because if they did normal ones that could play on tv it would just look like spy kids or something….this will probably be the first movie i see in theaters this year. I used to go to the movies once or twice a week but i haven’t seen anything since avatar…i dunno.

Kick-Ass comes out April 16th.

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Legal DVD vs. Pirated Copy

18 02 2010

(click to enlarge)

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