Brand New MGMT Song “Flash Delirium”

9 03 2010

MGMT has just released a new song named “Flash Delirium” online and you can get it right here by clicking the image below or by visiting their website directly.

I’m loving this song, lots of energy; they definitely don’t dissapoint.

Click the image below to download “Flash Delirium” by MGMT

Their first album as MGMT, Oracular Spectacular, hit number one on the Billboard Top Heatseekers chart. Their next album, Congratulations, is due to be released on April 13, 2010.

Brand New Song from DEVO!

6 03 2010

Check out a brand new song from DEVO below entitled ‘Fresh’

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Brand New ‘Gorillaz’ Song: Superfast Jellyfish

25 02 2010

Such a smoooooooooth sounding song…love it! (update: it appears that Gorillaz have disabled embedding, stupid, but just click the video and it’ll open up in youtube)

also, in case you missed it they posted (what i think is) the single “stylo” a few weeks ago, so ill go ahead and throw that in here right…

So there you go, some brand new ‘Gorillaz’ material for you! enjoy it, because i sure do. Gorillaz are headlining the final day of Coachella 2010

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Stream the New Deftones Song “Rocket Skates” Right Here!

23 02 2010

This song is so fucking sick, and this is by far the coolest way to release a new single i’ve ever seen. Hosted on the bands youtube account, HD streaming, cool video with full lyrics that flow through the screen…Deftones are doing it right.

This album is going to be intense.

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New Deftones track “Rocket Skates” is now available!

22 02 2010

Head on over to or click the image below to download the brand new single “Rocket Skates” by Deftones.

Dan Deacon has uploaded his discography to his website and its FREE!

17 02 2010

Internet nerds rejoice! You can now download all of Dan Deacon’s albums straight from his website for free!

This is pretty amazing of him so if you haven’t heard these albums before this is a perfect chance to check him out; and if you are already a fan and missing stuff, well here you go; Download all of Dan Deacon’s previous releases straight from his website at the link below:

Click Here to Browse Albums & Download
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Brand New Track from South Africa’s Champions of ZEF, Die Antwoord

11 02 2010

As most of you already know, I fell in love with ‘Die Antwoord’ the second that I saw their videos. I downloaded the entire album a few days later and it has been on repeat since then. Now, to fuel the fire that they have already started, they came out with a brand new track just a week after started dominating the internet. Talk about a quick turnaround, if you are already aware of Die Antwoord you will love this track, and if you are still in the dark, check out one of the videos below for a crash course in ZEF.

Die Antwoord – Fish Paste.mp3

and here are the other videos if you need to play catch up:

Die Antwoord – Enter the Ninja

Die Antwoord – Zef Side

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