Heres that Lady Gaga & Beyonce Video “Telephone”

12 03 2010

Seriously, i had to post this just cause its the biggest thing on the internet today… <—-hehe see what i did there?

Here it is, the video everyone is watching “Lady Gaga & Beyonce: Telephone”

…the product placement in this is a bit ridiculous but, whatever haha.

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CONFIRMED: Neill Blomkamp to Direct ‘Die Antwoord’ Music Video

3 03 2010

In the interview I posted with them yesterday you can see that Ninja pretty much admits it straight up; but now they have confirmed it via the band’s twitter & facebook accounts….Oscar Nominated Director Neill Blomkamp (district 9) will be making the next Die Antwoord music video!

Obviously the video is going to be insane…i just hope they make it quick cause i want to see it NOW!

New York Magazine Interviews Die Antwoord: Neill Blomkamp to Direct Music Video

2 03 2010

some good excerpts from the interview:

How long were you performing as Die Antwoord before you began getting international attention?
Die Antwoord was in the oven for about five years. It popped out the slime bunny about a year ago, but we’ve only been popular for about three weeks now.

How have things changed for you guys in day-to-day life?
Someone goes shopping for us now.

White rappers still have a hard time gaining credibility in the U.S. Is that barrier one that concerns you?
This is not a barrier that concerns us, because as you may have noticed, we have fucked this barrier in the face.

You’ve expressed interest in having Neill Blomkamp make the Die Antwoord movie. Have you reached out to him?
Neill is making a music video with us. We’ve been chatting for a while now. We haven’t spoke about the movie yet.

What is your vision for the film?
It’s the story of how Die Antwoord started. Don’t want to talk about it too much. It’s nicer to watch a movie instead of speaking about it.

There you have it folks! Neill Blomkamp is making a ‘Die Antwoord’ music video. This group just keeps getting better and better, I can’t wait to see the movie they make.

Also, there is some exclusive content that is supposed to be released by them today, i will post that as soon as its released

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Gorillaz – ‘Stylo’ Music Video (with Bruce Willis)

1 03 2010

totally awesome.

Gorillaz new album comes out March 9th 2010
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Dillinger Escape Plan – Farewell Mona Lisa Music Video

1 03 2010

The brand new music video for “Farewell, Mona Lisa” by The Dillinger Escape Plan has been released online

Their new album comes out March 22nd 2010

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The Newest Contender for Worst Song/Music Video on the Internet.

22 02 2010

Word cannot describe how “awesomely” bad this music video is…so ill let the video do the talking for me:

So, what do you think? Personally, i think they are better than ‘Brokencyde’ but it doesn’t take much.

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