Brand New SNL / The Loney Island Music Video: Boombox (ft. Julian Casablancas)

14 03 2010

Here you go, enjoy!

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Best ‘Die Antwoord’ Remix (DUB//Slap in the Bass)

13 03 2010

this is by far the best remix i can find of Die Antwoord online….ultra dirty duuubbbb mixxx

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Heres that Lady Gaga & Beyonce Video “Telephone”

12 03 2010

Seriously, i had to post this just cause its the biggest thing on the internet today… <—-hehe see what i did there?

Here it is, the video everyone is watching “Lady Gaga & Beyonce: Telephone”

…the product placement in this is a bit ridiculous but, whatever haha.

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More Die Antwoord Footage from Last Nights Secret Set in Hollywood

10 03 2010

HD Footage From Ryan Wison:

Beat Boy:

Intense Freestyle

also, check out my previous blog post about last nights show including pics and video!

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Deftones – Rocket Skates (Official Video)

9 03 2010

Check out the new video for the Deftones single “Rocket Skates” right here!!

[tweetmeme service=””] Interviews Kiefer Sutherland

9 03 2010

Check it out guys! The site i work for “” has just posted the interview that we did with 24’s Kiefer Sutherland. Watch it below!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Brand New MGMT Song “Flash Delirium”

9 03 2010

MGMT has just released a new song named “Flash Delirium” online and you can get it right here by clicking the image below or by visiting their website directly.

I’m loving this song, lots of energy; they definitely don’t dissapoint.

Click the image below to download “Flash Delirium” by MGMT

Their first album as MGMT, Oracular Spectacular, hit number one on the Billboard Top Heatseekers chart. Their next album, Congratulations, is due to be released on April 13, 2010.

Death Metal Version of “I’m On a Boat”

8 03 2010

Hell yeah, someone finally did a pretty decent death metal version of the “I’m on a Boat” song!

So maybe its not the best musically or even visually, but its still pretty damn funny.

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Lil Wayne to Begin Serving 1 Year Jail Sentence Immediately

8 03 2010

From Huffington Post:

NEW YORK — Lil Wayne was sentenced Monday to a year in jail in New York City for having a loaded gun on his tour bus in 2007, then was taken away in handcuffs to begin his term immediately.

The Grammy Award-winning rapper, born Dwayne Carter, was sentenced in Manhattan after pleading guilty in October to attempted criminal possession of a weapon. He admitted having the loaded .40-caliber semiautomatic gun on his tour bus.

Facing jail with his career in full throttle, Lil Wayne has prepared with a burst of work and farewell shows and videos for fans. He said in a video clip sent last week to MTV News that he shot footage for seven music videos with various artists in one night over the weekend.

He told Rolling Stone for a story last month that he planned to keep working while behind bars.

“I’ll be still rapping in there, have a gang of raps ready when I come back home,” he said.

With good behavior, he could be released in about eight months.

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Brand New Song from DEVO!

6 03 2010

Check out a brand new song from DEVO below entitled ‘Fresh’

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I Wish This Kid Was in My Class in Highscool

4 03 2010

I used to be really annoyed by this when i was in school, but god damn, this kid knows how to keep a dope fucking beat with nothing but his fists and some pens. bonus points for the sick lyrics and flow.

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My Chemical Romance and Bob Bryar have parted ways.

3 03 2010

From their official website:

Hello Friends,

Recently it seems as though every time we write to you guys we have bad news, and we apologize for that, but we’ve learned in life you can’t have the sweet without the sour. As a band we have been very fortunate over the years that our sweet times have greatly outweighed the sour ones, and a great deal of that is owed to you, the fans. Which is why we wanted this news to come from us and not some bullshit gossip site.

As of 4 weeks ago, My Chemical Romance and Bob Bryar parted ways. This was a painful decision for all of us to make and was not taken lightly. We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors and expect you all to do the same.

We also wanted to give you all a quick heads up on how the record is progressing. We have been writing some very powerful new songs so this week the four of us entered the studio once again, and what has been ending up on tape each night is some of the most exciting and honest work we have ever created.

We hope this letter finds you well, we miss you…
talk to you soon,
xo MCR

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OK GO ‘This Too Shall Pass’ Rube Goldberg Device Video

2 03 2010

this is ridiculously awesome….this band makes some pretty amazing music videos

….also, that camera operator deserves some kind of award

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Die Antwoord is Coming to LA!!!!

1 03 2010

UPDATED: Well shit, i just got done talking with one of Die Antwoord’s reps and was informed that they are in the US for “business only” and will NOT be performing any shows. I am working on landing an interview and will keep everyone posted on that! fingers crossed!!

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Gorillaz – ‘Stylo’ Music Video (with Bruce Willis)

1 03 2010

totally awesome.

Gorillaz new album comes out March 9th 2010
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