Best ‘Die Antwoord’ Remix (DUB//Slap in the Bass)

13 03 2010

this is by far the best remix i can find of Die Antwoord online….ultra dirty duuubbbb mixxx

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Die Antwoord Sign to Interscope Records

12 03 2010


The South African rap-rave internet star known as The Ninja grabs my face by the cheeks. He leans forward and stares into my eyes, like a large savannah predator about to inhale a hamster.

“And that’s what I did to Jimmy Iovine,” he says. “He didn’t seem to like it, but nobody told me it wasn’t cool to do that. And then I kissed him on each cheek, because we were making a deal like you do with the mafia. Die Antwordis in business with Interscope now.”

“I’m not skinny like this by choice,” he says, huddled over the table in a Ren and Stimpy hoodie adorned with John Kricfalusi doodles. “We had no money forever. Now, we’re flying business class to America, and look at me, I’m eating berries and granola in Hollywood.”

Ninja is in LA for the first time, joined by his creative partner Yolandi Visser (who’s sleeping in this morning, upstairs in the hotel), and their “consigliere” Jay.

“When we did the big meeting with Interscope, Jimmy Iovine was telling me all about how badly their business has been harmed by the internet,” Ninja says, sipping black coffee. ” I can understand that but I said, ‘Jimmy, I want to give you a piece of samurai advice: Become the enemy.”

The band’s forthcoming debut album $O$, streaming in entirety on their website for free, is the first of 5 albums they plan to release. A sort of documentary film is in the works, too. “It’s like an hour-long introduction to a music video, like Thriller, only you can eat popcorn while you watch it at the cinema,” he says.

After breakfast, they’re off to meet one of their creative heroes, the director and curator of high weirdness David Lynch.

“I used to smoke a lot of weed,” Ninja says. “Then I got my hands on a David Lynch Twin Peaks box set, and I watched the whole thing in one sitting, and it blew my mind. Special Agent Dale Cooper said something about pot being bad for you, and that convinced me that maybe I shouldn’t smoke pot anymore. All of this now might be a little harder to take if I were.”

“This the only thing I can do, I can’t do anything else,” Ninja continues. “It is what I love, and all I have ever wanted to do in my life. Now that all of this—” he gestures toward Hollywood boulevard, as a truck carrying leftover Academy Awards props cruises by”—now that this is happening to us, it’s overwhelming because you also realize that it could disappear right away. ”

“I don’t know what that’s going to mean. But for now, I just know that we have a film to make, and albums to record, and shows to play.”

“It’s not bad.”

The only thing i have to say is: PLEASE INTERSCOPE….PLEASE DON’T FUCK THIS UP!

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Die Antwoord at Cinespace in Hollywood CA

10 03 2010

I was on the couch in my PJ’s watching netflix, eating a bowl of cereal when i got a text from my friend that said “dude die antwoord at cinespace tonight 1130” and without hesitation i dumped out my cereal bowl, threw on clothes and raced to hollywood, parked, ran to the door and got in right as Ninja and Yo-Landi pulled up…after about 20 minutes or so the club filled up and Ninja got on the mic at the DJ booth for a little impromtu set, see video and pics below:

(last photo courtesy of: Andy Milonakis)

…After that, Ninja did a triple backflip off the dj booth and danced to “jump around” by house of pain with everyone….in a pile of puke….zef so fresh!

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Brand New ‘Die Antwoord’ Video: Mega Zef Rap-Rave Jol Vol. 1 (Official)

8 03 2010

Check it out, lots of new updates from ‘Die Antwoord’:

  • Newly Updated Website:
  • New Pictures
  • New Top Secret Mission to US is being filmed for a mini-documentary
  • New Video (shown below)

Zef so Fresh! I still have my ear to the ground waiting for some kind of secret showcase to happen with them in LA…..fingers constantly crossed. [tweetmeme service=””]

    Die Antwoord Transcends the Generation Gap

    4 03 2010


    New ‘Die Antwoord’ Video (Freestyle Rap)

    24 02 2010

    Ninja is still Zef So Fre$h!

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    Die Antwoord – Doos Drunk Live

    20 02 2010

    Awesome live video of Die Antwoord. Get excited cause there are rumors that they will be doing a US tour starting in April. fingers crossed.

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    New Die Antwoord Track: Die Antwoord Vs. Enya (Ninja Flow Remix)

    16 02 2010

    There is a Brand New track available from South African ZEF Superstars ‘Die Antwoord’!!! These guys are amazing just for the number of updates they do (new pics, interviews, mp3s), and now that pretty much everyone else in America is hooked on them, there are basically no signs of them slowing down in the near future; i still have my fingers crossed that they will show up at SXSW for some reason and do a secret show, that would blow my fucking mind…some label somewhere has got to see enough potential in this group to fly them out for a showcase….DOOOO ITTTTT.

    Anyways, here is a new track they put out that is basically Ninja doing some “beat boy” verses over an Enya song, with a little Yo-Landi Visser in there for good measure….the track is real fucking dope so click the link below to download.

    Die Antwoord Vs. Enya – Orinoco Ninja Flow (Wedding DJ’s Remix)

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