Alan Grayson Vs. Michele Bachmann on Larry King Live

4 03 2010

Canada Defeats USA 3-2 to Win Gold Medal in Hockey

28 02 2010

From The LA Times:

Team Canada, which faltered in the first round and had to win a play-in game while the top-seeded U.S. got an extra day’s rest, overcame another dose of adversity Sunday when the U.S. scored in the final minute of the third period.

(photo: Reuters)

The USA might have beaten Canada in Hockey, but…

23 02 2010

ahh touché.

What has Conan O’Brien Been Up To?

21 02 2010

Looks like conan has been doing just fine since he was released from NBC a few weeks ago. We’ll see how Jay Leno’s show does when it comes back after the olympics but so far two vital people are planning on leaving his show: Kevin Eubanks (guitarist, co-host) and John Melendez (announcer).

Here is Conan living it up with some aquatic buddies:

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Dude Lights his Cig with the Olympic Torch and gets Arrested

17 02 2010

So he got his ass kicked by the police and got arrested but seriously this dude has big giant balls to even try something like this.

Also, the Olympic Torch totally looks like a giant burning joint so he might have just been trying to butt-fuck it.
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Olympic luger dies after high-speed track crash on the 1st day of the Winter Olympics

12 02 2010

Georgian luger Nodar Muaritashvili has died after a crash during a training run in Vancouver for the Winter Olympic Games. His sled was traveling around 88MPH when he lost control.

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