Kitten falls in love with cop

24 02 2010

That cat’s jumping around all nimbly bimbly from arm to arm….meow this is a good video.

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Don’t ever slap this cop’s glasses off his face

18 02 2010

The Woman in this video is a school teacher and was apparently getting investigated for abusing her students, which makes sense since shes so used to dishing it out that she backhands a police officer in the face.

To be honest, she got off kind of easy considering she slapped a cop; if she had done that in the US she probably would have gotten tazed and then beaten. USA! USA!

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Dude Lights his Cig with the Olympic Torch and gets Arrested

17 02 2010

So he got his ass kicked by the police and got arrested but seriously this dude has big giant balls to even try something like this.

Also, the Olympic Torch totally looks like a giant burning joint so he might have just been trying to butt-fuck it.
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