Die Antwoord at Cinespace in Hollywood CA

10 03 2010

I was on the couch in my PJ’s watching netflix, eating a bowl of cereal when i got a text from my friend that said “dude die antwoord at cinespace tonight 1130” and without hesitation i dumped out my cereal bowl, threw on clothes and raced to hollywood, parked, ran to the door and got in right as Ninja and Yo-Landi pulled up…after about 20 minutes or so the club filled up and Ninja got on the mic at the DJ booth for a little impromtu set, see video and pics below:

(last photo courtesy of: Andy Milonakis)

…After that, Ninja did a triple backflip off the dj booth and danced to “jump around” by house of pain with everyone….in a pile of puke….zef so fresh!

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