New Maps Coming to Modern Warfare 2 March 30th! FINALLY!

9 03 2010

I suffer from mapathy, you suffer from mapathy, we all suffer from mapathy, and now Infinity Ward is finally doing something about it!! New maps are coming to Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox Live March 30th, leading thousands of gamers back to the controllers that they had all but forgotten about since going triple prestige months ago.

Pretty stoked on this as I haven’t really played in awhile aside from the random pick up game with friends….this should get me right back into my gaming rut where I accomplish nothing in my normal life but find comfort in screaming BOOM! HEADSHOT!

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Halo Reach Multiplayer Trailer is BADASS!

3 03 2010

oooooohhhhh, woke up to this little jem today…The multiplayer trailer for the new Halo game “Halo Reach” has been released online and it is bringing a damn tear to my eye.

jet packs and assassinations? bring it on!

Check out this game I bought. Part 1 – Chime for XboxLive Arcade.

13 02 2010

Let me start off by saying that 60% of all the money that they make off of this game goes to charity (Starlight Children’s Foundation & Save the Children) and it’s the first game to have done this and apparently it was extremely successful.

I just got done playing a few rounds of Chime and i’m already hooked. It’s like Tetris but you’re creating beats and they are constantly growing. You try to build these combo blocks and keep those going as long as possible…from what i can tell so far you have to try and fill up the screen which is a lot harder than it sounds…i still haven’t gotten a 100% level yet. The Music is good enough, the game is fun and addictive, its cheap and more than half the money you spend goes to good charities, so what do you have to lose?

check out the trailer for ‘Chime’ below:

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